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Subject: opera for all networks
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kolazida 14.01.10 - 10:29pm
dis forum is bn created mainly for uploading and downloading of incase dere is any problem....dont hesitate to drop dem here *

kolazida 14.01.10 - 10:30pm
so all dose apps uploaded by me....i op has really helped so many people.....evryone should always upload here and also download....u are free to upload anytin apps.....especially dose who know ow to mod ebuddy *

celtel01 15.01.10 - 07:17am
Give me an access by becoming admin cos i cant upload *

kolazida 15.01.10 - 06:42pm
u can upload as soon as u don bcom member *

kolazida 16.01.10 - 08:03am
download prov file for nokia also.....u people should also begin to upload *

jahpikny 21.01.10 - 11:14am
When i download i get a reply that memory jar is full, but there is nothin in my memory. Please help me to download things to my site? *

kolazida 21.01.10 - 01:39pm
ok now....delete somtins from ur games and apps and begin to download *

jahpikny 21.01.10 - 04:44pm
I did, but still the same problem. My phone is a samsung e250 *

missmobi 23.02.22 - 06:16pm
Were can i get opera but anxroid not java *

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